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Service Administration – Hub of all Processes

The independent service administration is the hub for all service processes of the ORTHOPARC Clinic – outwards and inwards. Whether it be appointment management and coordination for outpatient care, inpatient stays or physiotherapy, operation planning, interdisciplinary networking of all fields, service invoicing or the coordination of your subsequent rehab stay: the service administration is the administrative backbone of the ORTHOPARC Clinic.

The service administration will look after your wishes and needs

What does this mean for you? The service administration team will see to you from the first minute of your stay. Your satisfaction is our aim.

We want you to feel good and safe with us.

Excellent service also needs versatile, high performance interfaces and processes behind the scenes. The foundation of our effectiveness are capable, committed and satisfied employees working together in clear structures, with swift channels and direct, open communication.

Always with an open ear for our patients and employees

In order to keep our promise of quality to you, we regularly put our processes on the test-bench. It is our aim to continually develop and improve. We practice „lateral thinking“ and are also open to unusual or even unpleasant questions.

The service administration is always ready to listen – to the voice of our  patients and all employees – so that your stay with us is always a positive experience.

Cooperation partners

  • ORTHOPARC-Partner Olympiastützpunkt Rheinland
  • ORTHOPARC-Partner Deutsche Sporthochschule Köln
  • ORTHOPARC-Partner Bayer Leverkusen

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