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The word „ambience“ comes from the Italian „ambiente“, meaning „going around, surrounding, enclosing“. For us too, „ambience“ means a lot more than just things looking nice. We want to create a therapeutic environment that has a positive effect on your recovery.

Special ambience for a pleasant stay

The latest findings from patient research prove that a pleasant and stress-free environment has a positive influence on the recovery process and supports healing.

Friendly colours and our personal all-round service are intended to ensure that you feel entirely comfortable. With us, you do not have to use your energy seeing to bothersome formalities or going to trouble to obtain information. That is why, in addition to our qualified nursing personnel, employees of the service administration are also there to help you as able contacts.

You can concentrate entirely upon becoming healthy

The processes in our highly modern clinic are entirely adapted to the needs of our patients. During the construction of the ORTHOPARC Clinic we always also took into account the concept of patient-friendly architecture: whether it be in the choice of materials or the air-conditioning technology, the needs of the patients were at the heart of every decision.

Cooperation partners

  • ORTHOPARC-Partner Olympiastützpunkt Rheinland
  • ORTHOPARC-Partner Deutsche Sporthochschule Köln
  • ORTHOPARC-Partner Bayer Leverkusen

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