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Departments and Services

Hip and knee endoprosthetics, foot and ankle surgery, hand surgery, sports medicine, knee, shoulder and spinal surgery are main focuses of treatment.

„It particularly impressed me that I was free of pain immediately after the operation“, recalls ORTHOPARC patient Felicitas von Hobe.

The patient’s own motivation, very good pain management and early mobilisation are vital factors in a swift recovery. We create these preconditions very consistently: our patients are incorporated in the medical processes and looked after expertly and warmly in a pleasant clinic environment.

  • Endoprosthetics – Hip and Knee

    Prof. Dr. med. Joachim Schmidt

    Medical progress and our decades of experience in this field contribute to our achievement of results substantially above the German average. Thanks to his experience, Prof. Dr. Schmidt, a dedicated doctor for 30 years, offers you the best possible safety and comprehensive advice.

  • Foot and Ankle Surgery

    Dr. med. André Morawe

    We work with a very wide range of diagnostic options and conservative therapies. In the case of an operation, our techniques meet the highest standards in the world. Dr. André Morawe is an internationally renowned specialist with many years of experience including more than 8,000 interventions carried out in foot and ankle surgery.

  • Spinal Surgery

    Dr. med. Charilaos Christopoulos

    Nowadays, the misgivings of many patients concerning treatments on the spine are unfounded from a medical standpoint. Dr. Christopoulos, our Head Physician for Spinal Surgery, is a specialist in the field of neurosurgery. Thanks to his extensive experience, minimally invasive interventions which are easier for the patient can be carried out where an operation is necessary. We also offer a wide range of conservative therapies.

  • Arthroscopy, Hand and Shoulder Surgery and Sports Medicine

    Dirk Tenner

    Because of the sophisticated joint construction and interaction between the joint capsule, tendons, ligaments and synovial bursae, the treating doctor needs to have the greatest precision and experience, especially in the diagnosis. Dirk Tenner has many years of experience from more than 7,000 operations.

    With us, hand surgery comprises the treatment of illnesses, injuries and deformations of the fingers, hand, wrist and forearms up to the elbow. Dirk Tenner makes sure that your hands function perfectly again even after injuries or illnesses.

    In sports medicine, Dirk Tenner looks after the health of all patients from hobby athletes to Olympic competitors. In cooperation with the German Sport University Cologne, the Olympic Centre and Bayer 04 Leverkusen, we gain important knowledge for therapy and training concepts that we can use to benefit all patients.

  • Anaesthesia

    Eddo Groß

    Head Physician Eddo Groß and his team understand the level of trust you as a patient need in your anaesthetist. Therefore they strive to create a personal and comfortable environment, in which you can feel secure. In preparation, as well as the physical examinations you will talk over any personal needs and the potential risks of narcosis, leaving you informed and confident for the procedure to come. Only senior anaesthetists perform the procedure.

  • Radiology/MRI

    Erwin Dubs

    In our department of radiology and MRI, senior physician Erwin Dubs and his team will be waiting for you with the latest in magnetic resonance imaging equipment. With this technology we are able to make a high definition diagnostic image without the use of harmful rays. The department is completed with the availability of X-ray and sonography. Our X-ray and MRI machines are linked to the clinics internal network for quick and efficient results. All images are saved in our archive and you have the option to take home a personal copy at the end of your stay.

  • Physiotherapy

    Frank Becker

    Of course, from a top-class orthopaedic clinic, you can also expect first class physiotherapeutic care both as an inpatient or an outpatient. Our Physiotherapy Centre is run by Frank Becker, a specialist in orthopaedics and accident surgery and a physiotherapist with 20 years of experience. Highly qualified therapists accompany our patients on their path to recovery from the first contact to far beyond their discharge.

  • Conservative Therapy and Osteoporosis Treatment and Therapy

    Dr. med. Birgit Range

    Not every orthopaedic problem requires an operation. We therefore also offer our patients a wide range of conservative (non-operative) therapies at the ORTHOPARC in addition to operative therapies. We only ever recommend surgical treatment if no conservative therapy can help any more.

    Dr. Birgit Range will advise you regarding your personal risk of osteoporosis and will carry out the necessary therapeutic measures.

  • Accident Surgery

    Is looked after by all doctors

    We also offer you comprehensive care in the event of an accident.The ORTHOPARC uses the latest findings and technology in accident surgery in its treatment of broken bones and injuries to joints and soft parts.

  • Rheumatic Surgery

    Is looked after by all doctors

    Our range of services includes the entire spectrum of the very sophisticated orthopaedic rheumatic surgery on the upper and lower extremities, but also on the spine. The range of treatment of our rheumatism centre is based on more than 15 years of experience and internationally acknowledged standards.

  • Orthopaedic Diagnostics

    Is looked after by all doctors

    We apply strict conditions to medical indications: only after detailed examination and diagnosis is the decision made as to whether an operation is at all necessary. If not, the range of conservative therapy measures is carefully searched for the right option. We apply the latest medical technology for orthopaedic diagnostics.

  • Internal Medicine

    Dieckmann/Vogt/Rieger Practice

    St. Elisabeth Hospital, Cologne-Hohenlind

    We cooperate with specialist centres and hospitals. It is thus ensured that even internistic problems can also be attended to at the ORTHOPARC. This gives you the all-round safety that you want.


Cooperation partners

  • ORTHOPARC-Partner Olympiastützpunkt Rheinland
  • ORTHOPARC-Partner Deutsche Sporthochschule Köln
  • ORTHOPARC-Partner Bayer Leverkusen

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